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i need a dominican boy who has a good job and lives with his mom to take care of her bc all her other kids live across the country but his mom is a sweet old lady who’ll make me tostones and call me…

use a ruler.


my heart says yes but my mom says no

"Black girls don’t get told we are beautiful enough. Black girls aren’t always told we can be princesses. Cute, sweet, innocent, pure- these are not words black girls often hear associated with us. Fast, sassy, mouthy, too grown, angry, aggressive- those are the words that get shot at us like darts. Black girls are not girls- we are mini women who are forced to be strong. You must tell black girls they are beautiful, innocent, sweet, magical. You must treat black girls as girls. Then, you can talk about black girl characters whose looks and femininity doesn’t matter. Otherwise, you are just maintaining the status quo- denying black girls our beauty and femininity."

Brittney Jones (via beautiful-ambition)

Yes. We are fragile and genteel and dainty and cute and this is what we are goddamn it

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